So Make It is a non-profit MakerSpace in Southampton, UK – a friendly and inclusive place for people who like making things to sharing knowledge, experience and tools.

The interests of the current membership focus on subjects of wood- and metal-work, costume design, craft, photography and technology (3D printing, microcontrollers (Arduino, etc), robotics, quad-copters, home automation, computers (Raspberry Pi, etc) and programming). They have a significant number of tools available to facilitate these activities and our members are often willing to lend their own personal tools too.

Membership is not required to use the space, please just pop in during Opening Hours and see what they’re about.

Opening hours

They have 54 keyholders (as of 2017-01-14) and more are being added all the time, the space opens whenever a keyholder is available to open it; however they commit to open at the following times in order for guests to come and visit the space:

MakerSpace (Electronics/Tech)
Tuesday 7:30pm-10pm
Thursday 7:30pm-10pm

Southampton Shed (Woodwork/Mechanical)
Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm
Friday 9:30am-12:30pm

Location:  Unit F, Pitt Road, Freemantle, Southampton SO15 3FQ