St James Methodist Church host a large number of regular groups and activities whether you are a new parent, a student, or you live alone.

For more details of any of the activities listed below please phone 023 8077 6565

They have lots of opportunities to get together and share food. Whether it is a lunchtime gathering to meet old friends and new at 
SOUP AND SWEETmeeting and chatting over morning coffee and the Saturday papers at TOAST, or afternoon tea and cakes at  TEAPOT, or even a 3 course meal at SUPPER CLUB. Most weekday mornings they run COFFEE MORNINGS which are a great place for a coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a biscuit or two. For ladies,there is also our weekly WOMENS’ WEDNESDAY GROUP, and for those who enjoy handicrafts, the CHATTY CRAFTERS. 

They know how important it is for new mums and dads to meet others, and they aim to be a welcoming and child friendly place to enable this. They host a weekly toddler group, TADPOLES, during term time. Dads and male carers can enjoy WHO LET THE DADS OUT once a month, and everyone is welcome to come along to TOAST.

They are very proud to support the discipleship house group CATCH which has been set up locally to SJR to give students and young adults the option to meet on a weekly basis in an informal setting and enjoy the chance to worship and converse about how the Christian faith is helping them in what can be a busy student life.

Their BOYS’ BRIGADE AND GIRLS’ ASSOCIATION is the focus for our work with children and young people and they are proud to have been the home of the 4th Southampton for 100 years!

If you enjoy singing, then our CHURCH CHOIR might interest you. Those who are sporty could consider their BADMINTON CLUB or their BOWLS CLUB. If you love technology ( or maybe more importantly, if you don’t love it, but need to use it), then why not give COMPUTER CLUB a visit?