Online open dialogue and discussion about mental health challenges, suicidal ideation, self-harm and how to maintain wellness and recovery. Structured courses accessible within the session and afterwards. Includes inter-active theatre, core-art journalling, positive psychology, working through worry, mindfulness, handling emotions etc., and laughter yoga.

First session: 23/05/2021 1-5pm
Register details with the website and on the online platform with the Creative Mental Wealth Academy.

The website link is 

First month free of charge - after that £10.00 a month to belong to the programme.
Hosted by Creative Options

Creative Options

Founded in 2012, Creative Options is a member-led, community based service operating in the Southampton area of the South of England, and a registered charity in England & Wales (charity no. 1169194).  They offer support, mentoring, training and opportunities to people living in Southampton with mental health issues, along with their carers, relatives and friends.

Contact details
Mobile number is 07780 627961 (Wed and Thurs 11:30-14:30)

Email: [email protected]