SSRs (Special Service Requests)

A Special Service Request (SSR) is a message sent directly to suppliers to communicate traveler preferences, special services needed by a traveler, or of a procedural requirement necessary of the carrier. SSRs are supported for Air Bookings and Rail Bookings.

SSRs include information such as meal preference or special assistance required the traveler. In addition, the SSR can send an alert message back to the agency or travel provider. SSRs can originate with the travel provider asking for service from the carrier or from the carrier asking for information (like a ticket number) from the travel provider.

Because action must be taken by the carrier, there is usually a reply from them in the form of the status code on the SSR (HK, UN, etc.)

A Special Service Request (SSR) can be made in a PNR on behalf of one traveler, several travelers, or all travelers for specific segments or an entire itinerary. A single traveler and/or single segment may have multiple SSRs assigned to it, but the same SSR cannot be assigned to the same traveler/segment more than once.

Important: SSRs require the carrier to take action, while OSIs are informational only and do not typically require an action or response from the carrier. OSIs and SSRs are NOT interchangeable. An SSR should be used if possible; an OSI should be used only if there is no standardized SSR available for the service needed.

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