Advice for employers

  1. People may not identify themselves as carers. Use questions such as ‘Do you look after someone who can’t manage without your help?’ rather than ‘Are you a carer?’
  2. Publicise your activity and give carers plenty of notice. This might involve contacting your local newspaper or trade press or putting up posters in work.
  3. Follow up on your activity by telling staff that it took place and who was involved. This will raise awareness among employees and managers who couldn’t attend.

Free Carer Aware e-learning

One of the most frequent questions asked by employers is how to best identify carers in the workplace. Given it can often take people as long as two years to self-identify as carers, this is understandably a challenge for HR staff and line managers. To help with this Carers UK have teamed up with NHS England to create a new free e-learning on being Carer Aware.

Carer Aware is designed to help professionals and frontline staff identify carers, recognise the impacts of caring and understand how to help carers better. It takes just 15 minutes to complete and on doing so you will receive an accreditation!

See here: Carer Aware e-learning login


Your Rights in Work factsheet: learn about your statutory rights in work.
Looking after someone guide : Carers UK's guide for anyone caring for someone.
Upfront: Carers UK’s personalised online guide to caring.

Employers for Carers:

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