The Pod is a social platform for carers and professionals to use that links them together online. It is a convenient and safe platform that can be used to chat, get information, advice and support as well as guidance.

The Pod is a free app, available on android and Apple devices and carers can use The Pod to share their views, chat with other carers as well as getting advice and support, from both from carers and professionals.

The app has a ‘Live Chat’ facility to allow users to in the same county (e.g. Suffolk), as well as others who may be caring for a loved one with the same condition. This online peer-to-peer support will help alleviate social stresses such as isolation or anxiety.

The Pod, which is moderated, helps link together carers and professionals and acts as a way for carers to get items off their chest and share their experiences with other carers.

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Download the app on Google Play or The App Store.