Respite Association

The Respite Association provide short term assistance in the funding of appropriately qualified respite care for disabled, sick, elderly or terminally ill persons in order that their regular carer can be allowed to take a much needed break.

In addition they purchased a caravan at Skegness in 2012 in order to offer free respite breaks for carers.
Who will we help?
Many of the people who are at home caring for loved ones are forced to live on very limited incomes. It is these people that they are working to help.

What does it cost?
Whilst providing suitably qualified carers in the home or funding a temporary place in a residential care centre can be expensive, the benefits to the carer are beyond measure. The cost and level of support varies dramatically from a few pounds to several hundred with an average level of around £400.

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Address: The Respite Association, Greystones, 4 Lowgate Lane, Bicker, Nr Boston, Lincs PE20 3DG

Telephone: 01775 820176

E-Mail: [email protected]

If you are a carer needing help please contact using the above details or complete an application form (see 'How to Apply').