UHS at home

The UHS at home service enables people to receive ongoing hospital nursing care or therapy in the comfort of their own home. Home treatment is safe and effective and offers you more choice and control over your care.  Patients remain under the care of the hospital but ongoing treatment is delivered by the UHS at home team.

Which treatments are offered by UHS at home?

UHS at home care can include:

  • antibiotics via a drip (IV)
  • blood monitoring
  • wound care and dressings
  • catheter care
  • physiotherapy after an operation
  • tube feeding support
  • bridging care between UHS and social care

Will I be referred to UHS at home?

All patients who would usually remain in hospital to complete treatment or recovery can be referred to UHS at home, providing their condition is clinically stable. However, home care will not be suitable for everyone.

The UHS at home team will carry out an initial assessment to ensure they can safely care for you at home before you can transfer to the service.

If it’s not the right environment to aid your recovery then we will continue with your hospital-based care.

You will not be referred to the UHS at home service if your condition is not clinically stable, or you are:

  • under the age of 18
  • in need of constant 24 hour care or require assistance overnight

If you don't want to continue your treatment at home and would prefer to stay in hospital, that's your choice.

Please note that if the care you require can be delivered by district nurses or community teams you will be referred to these instead.

If you would like to discuss whether recovery at home is suitable for you, speak to your hospital doctor or nurse. If you would like to know more about how the UHS at home service works you can call the duty clinician on: 023 8120 4408.

If you are currently being cared for by the UHS at home service and have a question or require advice, you should contact the UHS at home care bureau on 0800 032 5847.

Read more here: https://www.uhs.nhs.uk/PatientsAndVisitors/UHS-at-home.aspx