Useful apps for people with disabilities

These free apps are incredibly helpful resources for people living with disabilities. Check them out:

  • SwiftBraille. A free soft keyboard app that allows visually impaired users to type using braille.

  • Be My Eyes. A free app that connects visually impaired people with sighted folks who can act as their eyes when they have a question about something.

  • Access Earth. A free website being developed into an app that shows you accessible places in your neighbourhood.

  • Toilet Finder. A free app that lets you search for accessible, free toilets near you.

  • Roger Voice. A free app that turns speech to text and text to speech in real time to allow you to make and receive phone calls.

  • Dragon Anywhere. A free mobile dictation app that turns your speech to text.

  • Autism Apps. A free app that provides a list of apps for people with autism, Down Syndrome, and other special needs.

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