This study aims to understand what matters the most to people living with dementia who have taken part in physical activity.

To do this, the researchers are interviewing people who are relatives, friends or informal carers who have had contact with people with dementia while they took part in physical activity. By “physical activity”, we mean any
activity that makes you move, for example walking, gardening, doing housekeeping tasks, doing exercise or sports.

1) the interview is about their views on physical activity for people with dementia (and any movement counts as physical activity, even simple things, like walking to the toilet) - even if their relative is no longer active, we can still talk about how they used to be in the past;

2) the interview lasts up to 1 hour (but the researcher is happy if you can only give her 30 minutes) and she can go and meet them at home, or you can do it over the phone or via Skype.

If you are interested in participating in this study and/or would like more information about this research, please contact the researcher by email, post or phone. You can also contact the supervisors of this study on their emails or addresses shown below.
Ana Carolina Gonçalves
Physiotherapist and Clinical Academic Research Fellow
University of Southampton. Faculty of Health Sciences, Building 45, PGR common room (0025).
University Road. Southampton SO17 1BJ
Email: [email protected] Phone: 07561 862373

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