A young carer is a person under 18 years of age who provides care to another person.

Care does not include volunteering or employment in care services, but it does include a young person providing practical support, personal care and/or emotional support to another person (usually a parent, but it can also be a sibling, grandparent or friend of the family) who may, for example, have a disability, serious illness, or needs that relate to old age or as a result of the misuse of substances.

Southampton has a dedicated service specifically designed to support young carers. Further information on their support and other service that can support young carers is available below.  We have broken down the information to help you identify the right help to either inside or outside Southampton. 

If you are a young carer who doesn't know who to contact please contact us and we can make the referral for you. There is plenty of support available to you and the first step is as easy as making contact with us.

It is estimated there is 700,000 young carers in the UK, roughly this equates to [1 in 12] secondary aged pupils are a young carer. Source: Carers Trust

Services in Southampton

Services outside Southampton